Young Love

"Find A New Way”

BY Cam LindsayPublished May 8, 2007

The first thing that comes to mind watching the video by the NYC-based Young Love (aka Dan Keyes) is a definite WTF? Is he for real or just taking the piss in front of acclaimed photographer(/pornographer) Terry Richardson’s camera? Sure Keyes has a nice physique that deserves to be exposed (does it? I’m not actually sure…), but with such a slick, synth-y rock tune acting as the product he’s advertising it’s extremely suspect to all sorts of mockery and head scratching. The fact that there is a leggy girl in the tight dress running around on a blank backdrop and an absurd gorilla joining Keyes on guitar help solidify the camp, but really, Keyes steals the show with his lovemaking – be it with the girl in question under the white sheets, with the guitar he clearly enjoys humping, via the constant "jerks” he gives the mic cord, and what about those "fuck me” eyes he’s giving the camera? The fact that they show him singing to his reflection makes this all the more fascinating. We need more acts of sexually narcissistic artistry in this world… They make for great entertainment.

P.S. The song’s okay, I guess.
Young Love "Find A New Way”

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