Young Fathers Return with New Album 'Heavy Heavy'

Watch a video for spooky first single "I Saw"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 20, 2022

Young Fathers have lifted the curtain on a new album. The Scottish trio will share fourth full-length Heavy Heavy on February 3 via Ninja Tune.

Following 2018's Cocoa Sugar, the 10-track Heavy Heavy is said to have been born from a back-to-basics recording approach for the trio of Alloysious Massaquoi, Kayus Bankole and G. Hastings: a basement studio, with mics and equipment "always plugged in ... always in reach," per a release.

New song "I Saw" arrives alongside today's news, complete with some visuals from Austrian-Nigerian filmmaker David Uzochukwu, capturing ritualistic movements by firelight.

"Quite early on, it was clear that there should be something very communal about it," Uzochukwu told Dazed of his debut music video. "To me, the song felt really unsettling, super restless. At the same time it had this inspiring note, it felt quite dark. There's something really extreme about it. 

"Hearing the band's various takes on the song, it also crystallized that they thought a lot about turning a blind eye and, at the same time, what it means to hand power to the people, but then maybe that not working out in the way that it should, thinking about escalation. All of these big terms were kind of floating around. And so I decided to go for something that felt both communal, and maybe almost populist, and thinking about the different sides to that. So it was quite clear early on that we wanted to stage various rituals of this fictional community."

You can watch the video below, where you can also find the previously shared "Geronimo."

Exclaim! previously named Cocoa Sugar among the Best Pop & Rock Albums of 2018.

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Heavy Heavy:

1. Rice
2. I Saw
3. Drum
4. Tell Somebody
5. Geronimo
6. Shoot Me Down
7. Ululation
8. Sink Or Swim
9. Holy Moly
10. Be Your Lady

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