YlangYlang "Uncertain Landscapes"

YlangYlang 'Uncertain Landscapes'
Montreal-based leftfield producer Catherine Debard has piled up a number of intriguingly esoteric releases over the past few years. Going under her YlangYlang moniker, Debard's latest effort, Life Without Structure, will see the so-called "Princess of Existential Doom" release a tape on Crash Symbols on Friday (October 28), but you can now hear the premiere of opening track "Uncertain Landscapes" a bit early. 

The context of the sound of "Uncertain Landscapes" is best understood according to the following press statement:

Debard's new YlangYlang cassette is bright but introspective, abstract; atmospheric reveries and '90s-tinged new age pop. Titled Life Without Structure, most of its five tracks are built from carefully cannibalized loops and home-samples, deconstructed and recomposed with spare beats, tidal drones, and bits of oddball punctuation. Despite its poise, Life Without Structure is essentially an album focused on exploring the mechanics of self.

"Uncertain Landscapes" is propelled by playful yet thoughtful synthetic percussion, a stuttering yet downtempo beat and droning melodic fragments, all of which supports Debard's wispy, ethereal contemplations of complex love.

Let "Uncertain Landscapes" draw you in to its layered brilliance below and pre-order the release here.