Year of Glad "Teetotum" (video)

Year of Glad 'Teetotum' (video)
Self-described "drone-folk weirdos" Year of Glad just released their Resolving Host EP, and to add a little more visual to the audio, the project is now premiering the video for the set's "Teetotum."

Resolving Host hears primary songwriter A.P. Bergeron grappling with drastic technological changes. The songs were written in the rural woods of Nova Scotia — a familiar setting that until recently remained only connected via dial-up, untouched by "the high-speed devils." During the writing of the record, though, Internet technology caught up to area, leaving Bergeron pining for the simpler days and inspired to create new music.
"Eventually a kind of nostalgia for dial-up and its limitations emerged and so, throughout the process of producing the EP, I sought out synth tones and production techniques that reminded me of the random telephonic blips and harsh static that would sound so faithfully each time I logged in," he explained in a statement. "Regardless of all the obvious digi-trappings, I like to think there's still a rustic kernel hiding in each piece; shining its murky light on how the thing began."
"Teetotum" captures both the changing technological landscape and the desire to keep things rooted in rustic traditions, and the accompanying video brings that sentiment to life in all of its glitched-out, pixelated glory.
Check out the clip in the player below.