Yeah Yeah Yeahs


BY Cam LindsayPublished Apr 9, 2007

Spider-Man 3 looks like it will redefine the second sequel, but how about its soundtrack? Brand new, never-before-heard songs from heavyweights like the Killers, the Walkmen, the Flaming Lips and Yeah Yeah Yeahs? While it’s an exciting prospect, "Sealings” proves we may just be getting some cold leftovers (i.e. rejects from their studio recordings) disguised as sumptuous desserts on a blockbuster soundtrack. Surely not all of these songs will play a part in the film (Black Mountain’s "Stay Free” comes in when… Pete and Aunt May are strung out on Quaaludes?), but YYY have contributed a brooding, mid-tempo rocker cut out for those intense moments that Nickelback used to hold in the past. Of course this isn’t nearly as overblown as Alberta’s faux grungers, but it’s also the band’s least significant moment to date, showing their popularity may be drying out their creative juices. If this is any indication of where their third full-length is headed, looks like they’ll need more than Spider-Man to save their asses.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Sealings”

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