WTF? Spandau Ballet Set to Be the First Band to Play in Space

WTF? Spandau Ballet Set to Be the First Band to Play in Space
You know who has too much time and money on their hands, coupled with ridiculous ideas? Sir Richard Branson.

You know who we never thought we'd have to endure again? British synth pop outfit Spandau Ballet.

Unfortunately, the future's looking pretty grim as these two icons have forged a deal.

You see, Branson's the guy who started up Virgin Records, V2 Records, Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile... basically, everything to do with the word "virgin" aside from its sexual connotation.

He's now also going to be responsible for putting the first rock band into space for a performance thanks to his latest endeavour Virgin Galactic, a company dedicated to sending tourists into sub-orbit space. It seems the company is set to get underway with travel as of 2012 thanks to their allegedly operational two-stage system.

With everything running so smoothly, Branson has gone ahead and started making arrangements for some of the creature comforts, and hired Spandau Ballet to be the inflight entertainment, according to Gadling [via The Daily Swarm].

Of all the choices in the world, Branson went with Spandau Ballet? WTF? Maybe he thinks the only people who can afford the luxury travel are old enough to still think these guys were cool.

Yes folks, it's "true":