WTF!? The Gossip's Beth Ditto Appears On National Enquirer Cover

WTF!? The Gossip's Beth Ditto Appears On <i>National Enquirer</i> Cover
The easiest sure sign that you've become a celebrity is by popping up on the cover of a sleazy tabloid. While she's pretty much a superstar over in the UK (though who currently isn't), thanks to nude magazine cover shots and playing the industry's game of overexposing yourself on every level (see nude cover shot), the Gossip's fiery front-woman Beth Ditto has made an unusual and unflattering breakthrough in North America.

On the cover of the recent National Enquirer titled "Hollywood's Deadliest Diets," Ditto's unmistakable frame is featured with a "Guess Who?" box over her face. The gossip rag then claims Ditto's diet consists of "a bucket of chicken and two cartons of ice cream," a tall order that couldn't be healthy for anyone. Ditto has been outspoken about her weight, admitting she was bullied in her past, but is proud of her size, going so far as to call herself a "fat, ugly bitch" in a 2007 interview with UK paper the Sun.

In band news, the Gossip are currently celebrating the recent release of their second live album, a CD/DVD collection titled Live in Liverpool. Little has been said over a follow-up to 2006's wildly success Standing in the Way of Control, though since that release the band have officially signed to a new label, Music With A Twist, a Sony affiliate that focuses on LGBT acts.

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