WTF: Charlatans' Tim Burgess and Kellogg's Team Up for Totes Amazeballs Cereal

WTF: Charlatans' Tim Burgess and Kellogg's Team Up for Totes Amazeballs Cereal
Proving the bizarre power of the Twitterverse, a joke Charlatans singer Tim Burgess had made online about launching his own cereal has led to a real partnership between the Britpop vet and breakfast food titans Kellogg's. If that nugget of information weren't enough to blow your mind, the morning-time meal is called Totes Amazeballs.

An interview with NME had Burgess explaining that the odd team-up is indeed for real, and he seems just as surprised that things came together as we are.

"They [Kellogg's] picked up what I'd said. It was just something that was funny and it just kept moving," he said.

Speaking to Adweek [via Rolling Stone], a representative for Kellogg's said, "We really try to make the most of Twitter here at Kellogg's, and when we saw the tweet, we knew we had to make something special for him."

Regrettably, it doesn't appear as if the cereal will hit retailers anytime soon, and thus far they've only produced one box for Burgess, but it will be available for sale at this July's Kendal Calling festival in the UK, where Burgess will peddle the product at his Tim Peaks Café. All proceeds will go to the David Lynch Foundation, which raises money towards providing stress-reducing and transcendental meditation programs for school children.

As you can see in the image of the cereal box above, which features a bowl-cutted cartoon Burgess proclaiming his product is "schhhweet," Totes Amazeballs is composed of "choco rocks and shortbread topped with raisins and squidgy marshmallows."

"We were thinking of something you'd eat at a festival that'd get you back on your feet," Burgess explained. "Something when you wake up a bit hungover will get you out of your tent -- it'd make sure you're raring to go! It's heavy duty and festival friendly. It's the Jazz Odyssey of breakfasts." 

As for its wacky name, Burgess offered, "People have started to use that expression and it kind of gets up people's noses, but it sounded to me like something Willy Wonka would come up with." 

In music news, Burgess is currently putting the finishing touches on a solo album he recently recorded in Nashville. His last solo effort was 2003's I Believe.