Woodstock 40th Anniversary Concert Officially a No-Go Due to Lack of Sponsors

Woodstock 40th Anniversary Concert Officially a No-Go Due to Lack of Sponsors
A Woodstock 40th anniversary concert won't be happening after all, say promoters. Michael Lang, one of the four partners involved with the original Woodstock, initially wanted to have a free concert in mid-August (the original Woodstock went down August 15 to 18) in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. However, Lang had to put off those plans after he was unable to find sponsors to help out with the costs of the gig, which would have been between eight and ten million to put on.

Lang then hoped to stage the event during the end of September to coincide with Climate Week (September 20 to 26), but he's now saying this isn't going to happen. He told Rolling Stone that it comes down to "money" and "no sponsors."

Could the debacle that was Woodstock '99 be scaring sponsors off? Or perhaps it was just the chilly economic climate?

Lang won't have much time to mull it all over, however, as he'll be busy doing things like attending an advance screening of the upcoming comedy Taking Woodstock, due to hit theatres on August 28, and attending Kidstock, a tribute to Woodstock featuring young musicians, which goes down on August 23 at Belleayre Mountain.

There is more hope for those wanting some sort of nostalgic Woodstock celebration. The Heroes of Woodstock is a tour featuring Woodstock alumni like Big Brother and the Holding Company, Canned Heat, Jefferson Starship and many others, and they're playing a show on August 15 in Bethel, NY, at Bethel Woods, right on the original grounds where Woodstock was held.