Wolfey "Bittersweet" (video)

Wolfey 'Bittersweet' (video)
Today, Vancouver-based producer Wolfey (a.k.a. Alex Wolfe) will follow up his 2013 self-titled EP on Hybridity with a new collection of songs called Habit. Ahead of its arrival, the producer has shared a new video for the song "Bittersweet."

The song is a mid-fi deep house track that packs an exceptional amount of emotional resonance thanks to its charming synth melody and pounding bass. The song was directly inspired by and pays homage to Larry Heard's '86 banger "Can You Feel It."

The song's video, which was directed by Skunch, interprets the vintage sounds with VHS edits, digital distortion and the occasional dancing figure. It's the sort of abstract '90s referencing that's fairly common in modern music videos, but it's hard to imagine anything else accompanying this track.

Watch the video for "Bittersweet" below. Habit is available now from ASL Singles Club.