<i>The Wire</i>'s Stringer Bell Sets Eyes On Music Career

BY Brock ThiessenPublished May 13, 2009

The actor best known for playing Baltimore drug lord Stringer Bell on The Wire (aka the best TV show ever) is embarking on his very own music career.

According to media reports, Idris Elba is recording an album under the name Driis, and already he has released one track called "The Best I Can," which you can check out here on MySpace.

In July, Elba plans to release the song as a single, NME reports, with a full-length album dropping later this year.

While talking to the UK music rag, Elba described the music as "a hybrid, everything from drum'n'bass to jazz," telling NME he was glad to leave acting for a bit to work on his music.

"My personal agenda has always been about musical ambitions," Elba said. "Music's a jealous bitch - I want to take time out [from acting] to finish the album."

Elba is reportedly scheduling a European tour and plans to play several festivals in 2010 with his band Trampions.

In related news, Elba's former Wire co-star Dominic West, who played Detective Jimmy McNulty, makes an appearance in a skit on Eminem's upcoming "comeback" album, Relapse, which is due out on May 19. Yeah, Eminem is still doing skits.

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