Wire Reveal New LP, Premiere "Joust & Jostle"

Wire Reveal New LP, Premiere 'Joust & Jostle'
Legendary post-punk act Wire have refused to slow down after decades in the game. They'll celebrate 40 years together in 2016, but before that they've just announced plans for their 13th LP.

The self-titled album features 11 new songs from Wire. The songs vary in their age — some were toured extensively before they were recorded, and others were introduced right in the studio. "With 'Sleepwalking," I don't think we even ran all the way through it before we recorded it," frontman Colin Newman said in a press release.

The result is an album marked by diversity. As a press release explains, "Wire is full of swooning pop melodies with a '60s tinge and an irresistible, near motorik rhythmic momentum. One can recognize certain melodic inflections, guitar and bass motifs, and drum rhythms from Wire's idiosyncratic vocabulary but it has a remarkable freshness."

Wire will arrive on April 21 via the band's own Pink Flag imprint. Ahead of its release, album track "Joust & Jostle" can be streamed below.


1. Blogging
2. Shifting
3. Burning Bridges
4. In Manchester
5. High
6. Sleep-Walking
7. Joust & Jostle
8. Swallow
9. Split Your Ends
10. Octopus
11. Harpooned