Wintersleep Offshoot POSTDATA Shares "Nobody Knows"

The song appears on Paul Murphy's new solo album 'Twin Flames'
Wintersleep Offshoot POSTDATA Shares 'Nobody Knows'
Paul Murphy has shared a new single from his upcoming solo album as POSTDATA. Today, the Wintersleep vocalist releases "Nobody Knows" ahead of the arrival of Twin Flames in early March.

The song, an "ode to imperfection," pairs its pop ethos with lyrics concerning anxiety, loneliness and the lie of presenting one's life through social media. "I'm not good when the party's packed / I'm not good when there's nobody left / I'm not good when I'm all by myself, I fear for my health," Murphy sings in on the track.

The Halifax-based songwriter elaborated in a statement:

You can present yourself in a certain way, but it doesn't mean that's the reality of the situation, or who you are or what you're feeling. I wrote "Nobody Knows" on a sunny afternoon — one of those songs that just comes easy, all the lyrics and melodies done in a few hours. I think lyrically I was making light of the fact that I often don't feel comfortable and content in situations, looking at the negative side of things, when there are so many positive ways to look at life. I think in this era of social media where people feel the pressure to present their lives in the most perfect light, it felt like a really appropriate sentiment, a little bit of a bite back.

Murphy's latest follows the release of the album's title track, which arrived back in November. Twin Flames — his third solo LP — will arrive on March 5 via Paper Bag Records. The record was named one of Exclaim!'s 29 Most Anticipated Canadian Albums of 2021.

Listen to "Nobody Knows" below.