Winnipeg's FLOOR CRY Announces Debut Album 'Slasher Flick'

The synthpop songwriter's debut arrives June 23

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jun 14, 2023

FLOOR CRY — the synthpop project of Winnipeg's Felicia Sekundiak — has announced her debut album Slasher Flick, arriving June 23. 

In a statement about the album, Sekundiak wrote:

A long time in the making, I started writing this a few years back as an EP but took a huge break from it when life started to feel like my own horror movie. This year, I came back to my remaining demos and it naturally progressed into a 10-track project. 

Because of this timeline, I was shying away from calling it an album as I'd already released 5 songs and I felt it was too disjointed. In a way however, encapsulating both the past and present, the worst and best days, turned this into something special in itself. So fuck it, I present to you
Slasher Flick…The album.

Slasher Flick includes the previously released singles "I Just Wanna," "Answers," "Fleeting" "Next Best Thing" and "1-800-LOVE."

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