Wilderness Return With New LP

Wilderness Return With New LP
After a two-year hiatus, Wilderness are finally set to re-enter the public eye. On November 4, Jagjaguwar will release the Baltimore outfit's third album, the cleverly bracketed (k)no(w)here, which marks the group’s first collection of new tunes since 2006's much-loved Vessel States.

Wilderness's (k)no(w)here came from an invitation to collaborate with visual artist Charles Long at his exhibit at the Whitney Biennial this spring. What they all conceived is one large, continuous musical piece that comes as eight "identifiable parts," which all flow together from and into each other. You know, kind of like label-mates Oneida recently dropped with their Preteen Weaponry release.

Wilderness will be touring North America in November and December in support of the new record, and those dates are to be announced shortly. In the meantime, here is the tracklisting for (k)no(w)here:

1. "High Nero”
2. "Strand the Test of Time”
3. "(p)ablum”
4. "Silver Gene”
5. "Own Anything”
6. "Chinese Whisperers”
7. "Soft Cage”
8. "<....^....>”

2008 Whitney Biennial: Charles Long presents Wilderness