​'Wild Wild Country' Soundtrack Treated to Release

​'Wild Wild Country' Soundtrack Treated to Release
The soundtrack to Netflix documentary series Wild Wild Country will be given a proper physical release later this year. It's due out September 21 via Western Vinyl.
The series documents the mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (a.k.a. Osho) and his group of followers in the 1980s.
Brocker Way composed the music for the show, and according to a press release, the pieces on the soundtrack "deepen the ecstasies and tragedies recounted in their visual companion, providing delicate colour and weight to the story of the Neo-sannyasin cult and the trouble surrounding the commune they constructed in 1980s Oregon."
In a statement, Way said, "This kind of music gives us an idea as to the motives of each talking head, without actually scoring the motives of the character, and hopefully entices us as the audience to take the journey with them."
The 15-piece collection will be released in digital, CD and vinyl formats. In addition to regular black vinyl, the Wild Wild Country soundtrack will also be available on limited-edition maroon vinyl with an orange stripe. Pre-order all formats here.
See the full tracklisting for Way's Wild Wild Country soundtrack and stream "Church and State" from it down below.
Wild Wild Country OST:
1. The Guillotine
2. Fashionable Leather Shoes
3. Come Home
4. Life for Myself
5. Those of Us Who Were There
6 .The New Man
7. High Desert
8. Be Grateful for This Beautiful Home
9. Church and State
10. An Adventure of My Life
11. Spies in Overalls
12. The Takeover
13. Chosen People
14. It was a Town
15. The Burning Ghats