The Wild! 'GxDxWxB' (EP stream)

The Wild! 'GxDxWxB' (EP stream)
Kelowna, BC rock'n'rollers the Wild! are set to release their latest EP GxDxWxB later this month, but Exclaim! is streaming it in its entirety right now.
If the exclamation mark in their name didn't tip you off that these guys are a loud, rambunctious crew, the new seven-song collection certainly will. Hearkening back to "the days of Guns N' Roses and the Sunset Strip," the four-piece consists of Dylan Villain (lead guitar/vocals), Pistol Pete (rhythm guitar), Boozus (bass/vocals) and Reese Lightning (drums).
They come together to deliver a sound they describe as "the bastard son of AC/DC and ZZ Top," blending screeching falsetto vocals with guitar runs that range from twangy blues to thrashy punk. Drawing inspiration from punk and blues icons that came before them, both genres encapsulate what the band want to portray — in terms of sound and attitude.

"That's the thing about great punk rock: You're not trying to do anything," said Villain in a statement. "You're not overthinking it. You're just doing it. It was the same with the old Delta bluesmen. They had conviction. They really meant what they were doing and so do we. No matter what we do it's at 11. We just wanna live hard. We just wanna live free."
The Wild! are unabashed party animals, made clear from album opener "Party 'Til You're Dead" and carrying the sentiment through on tracks like "Straight to Hell" and "Banger."
It's a raucous collection that is sure to get your head banging, and you can give it a spin in the player below.

GxDxWxB is officially out on April 21 via eOne. The band will play a hometown show in Kelowna on May 1 at the Level Nightclub.