Wilco, Modest Mouse on Board for Record Store Day's Newly Minted Vinyl Saturday

Wilco, Modest Mouse on Board for Record Store Day's Newly Minted Vinyl Saturday
Despite Record Store Day being a pretty sweet little shindig, there are a few downsides, mainly that those exclusives are a bitch to get a hold of and that it only happens once a year. Well, it seems the Record Store Day folks are out to fix that, at least partially. This week, the event's organizers unveiled plans for what they call Vinyl Saturday, a new record store-celebrating event that will kick off June 20 and involve a bunch of acts like Wilco and Modest Mouse unloading a series of exclusive material.

The June 20th kick-off will be "the first of many mini-RSDs," says the Record Store Day Twitter, which outlines the first batch of confirmed releases Vinyl Saturday.

Apparently, Modest Mouse will follow up on their new "Satellite Skin"/"Guilty Cocker Spaniels" seven-inch with yet another single, which will feature the new tracks "Autumn Beds" and "Whale Song." Wilco will also be releasing an exclusive new seven-inch, with that release including the Wilco (The Album) track "You Never Know" and the unreleased "Unlikely Japan" (which we assume is some sort of sister song to Sky Blue Sky's "Impossible Germany").

More exclusives for the event include a seven-inch from Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn's upcoming album Break Up, as well as a limited Green Day single for the song "Know Your Enemy."

Past the June 20th Vinyl Saturday, no future dates for the event have been announced, but other artists on deck to contribute so far include Al Green, Earth, Patterson Hood, the Woggles, Those Darlins and Wolves in the Throne Room.