Why the Shure MV7X Is the Perfect Mic for Your Home Recording Project

Get high-quality audio on a budget

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Oct 25, 2021

Tens of millions of people make music, but not everyone has access to a state-of-the-art studio. That's where the Shure MV7X comes in.

Designed specifically for the voice — for musicians, podcasters and other voice artists — the Shure MV7X dynamic microphone is the ideal option for those who want great quality audio on a modest budget. Perfect for home recording setups, it connects to practically any audio interface via an XLR cable. Given how many people have started home recording projects during the past 18 months, it's the perfect choice for any pandemic endeavour. It sounds great in imperfect rooms — so even if you don't have perfect sound isolation or acoustics, the Shure MV7X will bring the best out of whatever space you have available.

Shure has long been known for setting the industry standard with its microphones, and the MV7X carries on that tradition as a budget-conscious option that's ideal for home recording.

So how does the Shure MV7X make your bedroom, living room or practice space sound almost as good as a studio? Here are the ways it brings the best out of even the most imperfect of recording rooms. Enter Exclaim!'s contest for a change to win a Shure MV7X.

Voice Isolation
Not everyone is able to have a vocal isolation booth or foam dampening on the walls. If you're recording in your home, you might be dealing with street noise, sounds from neighbours, the buzzing of appliances, and even reverberations of your own voice bouncing off the walls. Your pet's scratching, clawing, meowing or barking might end up on the recording. If you're singing along with other musicians, the sound of their instruments will bleed into your microphone.

That's why the Shure MV7X uses voice isolation technology, allowing your voice to come through clearly and cutting out all the unwanted noise. With impressive rear rejection and a shock mount, the MV7X is excellent at capturing the sounds you want — your voice — and not all the background sounds you don't. Unlike condenser microphones, which have a large diaphragm and tend to pick up lots of ambient noise, the MV7X is a dynamic mic.

Multiple Microphones
Whether you're recording multiple vocalists as part of a musical performance or capturing a conversation for a podcast, one key way to ensure a great final product is for each person to have their own microphone. Not only will you capture each voice better, mixing will be a breeze, since you won't need to contend with separate voices having different placements around the same microphone.

The MV7X's modest price allows you to get microphones for everyone — duets, backup singers, and podcasts with multiple hosts and/or guests. It's the best way to keep the price down without having to sacrifice sound quality.

Designed with Musicians in Mind
While the MV7X works great for podcasters, it's actually created with musicians in mind. There has been an enormous increase in the number of people with music projects — according to a study by Futuresource, content creators spent 75 percent more on their art projects in 2020 compared to 2019. The MV7X will help you to realize your home recording ambitions, creating high-quality audio within the comfort of your own home.

A Tradition of Excellence
Shure is known as a leader in the audio world for a reason. The SM7 is one of the most iconic vocal mics in the world, and it's used by many of the biggest artists on their most famous recordings. Put it this way: the SM7 is the microphone used on Michael Jackson's Thriller, far and away the top-selling album of all-time. It's the industry standard for a great vocal microphone in a professional studio.

The MV7X is built from the same DNA as the SM7B, making it a more affordable alternative while still providing the great voice-capturing quality that has made Shure a favourite among so many of the world's best musicians and recording engineers.

Purchase a Shure MV7X here.

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