White Hills "Radiate"

White Hills 'Radiate'
Since Comets On Fire are on a reported hiatus and the best years of earth-rumbling interstellar rock are behind us, finding new bands that can satisfy the urges to just let go and space out is becoming increasingly harder. There are only so many Hawkwind compilations out there to fill a prescription – okay, there are actually more than enough, even bordering on excessive and unnecessary – but some variety and fresh blood is always nice. That’s where NYC’s White Hills come into the picture with their behemoth blasts of amp-melting riffs and soaring jams, it’s a sonic paradise that has not surprisingly found a home in Julian Cope’s good books – a true sign that these guys are doing it right. The Arch Drude himself has even remixed the band and released their They’ve Got Blood Like We’ve Got Blood album on his Fuck Off & Di imprint. Now signed to Rocket Recordings in the UK, the band have just followed up their self-released Glitter Glamour Atrocity with Heads On Fire, their second full-length of 2007 and first for their new label. "Radiate” does just that, splurging in a vast wave of bottom-end bass, trance-inducing explosions of wah-wah and rollicking drums that crash as if a tornado has infiltrated the studio. It’s unexpectedly melodious too, and the guitar solo that drops in for an extended visit is devoid of wankery – be it or the nerdy or pretentious kind.

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