White Denim Return with D

White Denim Return with <i>D</i>
One time blog-buzz magnets White Denim may not be filling up your RSS reader at this point, but that doesn't mean they have disappeared. Instead, the band have already dropped a handful of well-written garage rock albums, most recently with 2009's Fits. Proving to outlive most buzz acts, the group have announced details for their fourth album.

Because it's their fourth LP, a press release explains that the band chose to name it D after the fourth letter in the alphabet. According to a press release, White Denim attempted to "re-envision how they see a hard rock band sounding, making songs that draw inspiration from across the board -- Patto and Lee Hazelwood to Little Feat and Dukes of Stratosphear." The result is an excellent update on the band's "combination psych/punk rock sound backed by frenetic and meandering guitar riffs and live-to-tape percussion."

D will be available from Downtown Records on May 24. "Drug," the album's first single, is available as a free download from RCRD LBL and can also be streamed below. Underneath that you will find an embedded SoundCloud file with the band's complete history as narrated by frontman Dwight Denham.

White Denim's Audio Bio from Dwight Denham by downtownmusic