Wheat Reissue First Two Albums, Prep New Album

Wheat Reissue First Two Albums, Prep New Album
You have to hand it to Wheat. After more than a decade of soured record deals, temporary break-ups and critical backlash, this Massachusetts outfit have simply refused to throw in the towel, making them one of the most resilient groups around, not to mention true indie rock survivors. And while we honestly thought Wheat's days were finally coming to an end with 2007's Everyday I Said a Prayer for Kathy and Made a One Inch Square - a release once again plagued with label problems and delays - the band are continuing to soldier on, recently announcing both an upcoming reissue and a new studio album are heading our way.

On the reissue front, Wheat have confirmed their two finest slabs of art pop bliss - 1998's Medeiros and 1999's Hope and Adams - will be re-released as a new three-CD set. Along with the two original full-lengths and an eight-panel digipack of new expanded artwork, the reissue comes packing an entire disc of bonus material titled 30 Minute Theatrik, which will include a selection of unreleased material from the era.

The physical release of the reissue is not due out until March 10 via the New York-based imprint the Rebel Group, but if you pre-order it here, you'll instantly get a digital version, as well as a signed Wheat poster.

As far as that new studio album goes, Wheat have given it the title White Ink, Black Ink, according to the band's SXSW portfolio, and the group are apparently aiming for a spring release. And while there are few other details at this point, Wheat have given fans an advance taste of the full-length by way of the new track called "El Sincero," which can be freely downloaded here.

Well, contrary to what Beulah may have once said, maybe a good band isn't easy to kill after all.