The Week That Was "The Good Life"

The Week That Was 'The Good Life'
When Field Music posted the following statement last year just months after the release of their excellent Tones of Town, it was a curious suggestion that more would come from the band's three members under different names:

Field Music are currently on a hiatus from band activities, though folks in Newcastle should keep an eye on our myspace as we may have something planned to wave goodbye to 2007. Peter, David and Andrew are all busy, together and individually, with lots of other musical schemes - again, we'll let you know what's going on through the myspace page.

Well, what's been going on is plenty.

Just a few months ago David Brewis released his debut album as School of Language to a warm reception, and now his brother Peter is doing the same with his new collective, The Week That Was.

Interestingly enough, The Week That Was contains not just ringleader Peter, but also bro David and Andrew Moore, the third member of Field Music. Umm, okay. Field Music within The Week That Was, for sure, but the sizeable cast of friends and musicians also in the fold push this beyond the tight, punchy pop the Sunderland trio grabbed us with just a few years back.

The first evidence of The Week That Was, "The Good Life" demonstrates this group's focus on keeping things loose. The harmonies, unorthodox rhythms and affability are all injected with steroids, as a gang joins in to beef up Peter's joyous lead, vibes flutter around the perimeter and scorching guitar licks mingle with light piano riffs.

And before you know it, it's done. Succinct and delightful, but like School of Language, I'm not concerned that The Week That Was spells the end of Field Music - regardless of what the Brewis bros tell us.