Weed "Ben's Tour" (video)

Weed 'Ben's Tour' (video)
If you've already grabbed yourself a copy of Weed's 2012 EP Gun Control, you know that the Vancouver quartet can dole out some dutifully distortion-laced indie pop, but did you know the dudes were extreme sports enthusiasts, too? Apparently, their bag is mock-skateboard yo-yoing, and you can peep them busting out some sweet moves in their new video for EP cut "Ben's Tour."

The crew tackle a number of Rain City streets and parks to flex their skills, which generally involves them running up to rails and doing an air-borne yo-yo trick. The old-school VHS graphics and fish-eye angles give this sort of a sweet 411 Skate Magazine feel to them, which is further compounded by the act's phony flips, 50/50s, and the occasional bail.

In case you think the video's a little too jocky, there's some grainy live footage tossed in at the end.

Weed - "Ben's Tour" from Cruising USA on Vimeo.