The WAYO "Overjoy" on Exclaim! TV

The WAYO 'Overjoy' on Exclaim! TV
Soulful Toronto-based outfit the WAYO create music that explores the emotional side of R&B and have gained a devoted and loyal following in the process.

The band are set to open the 2015 edition of Arts & Crafts annual Field Trip festival on June 6, but before they do, the band performed an intimate session for Exclaim! TV.

The WAYO welcomed Exclaim! into their practice space in Toronto's east end, and their hospitality extended far beyond sharing their cozy space, as the band performed the song "Overjoy" exclusively for our cameras.

The band's members stand in socks on the practice room's floor, evidently comfortable and calm in the opening moments of their performance. They ease into the tune with gentle tapping and strumming, and are accompanied soon after by singer Charlotte Day Wilson's soft crooning. As they venture deeper into the melody they take advantage of the open room, filling the space with powerful vocals and moments of harmonization, before bringing the song fully to a close.

Watch the band's sentimental performance in the player below.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Kyle Laurin

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