Waxlimbs & Astrolope 'Little Maps' (album stream)

Waxlimbs & Astrolope 'Little Maps' (album stream)
Toronto producers Waxlimbs (a.k.a. Alex Metcalfe) and Astrolope (a.k.a. Paul Geldart) have teamed up for a collaborative LP titled Little Maps, and you can hear it right here on Exclaim.ca before its official release next week.

Composed by Metcalfe and Geldart over the course of a year, the new record sees the pair reflecting on changes in their lives. Described in a recent press release as "an experiment in spontaneity and musical impulse, playfully exploring a variety of textures, colours and moods," Little Maps toys with moments of both light and dark.

Finding middle ground between "a hazy, alien dream world and a warm, familiar summer night," the new album avoids taking itself too seriously, instead manipulating the grey area between the extremes. The production is described as "vibrant" and "mischievous," highlighting the duo's playful approach to making music.

The producers' combined electronic influences blend into a unique mix of ambient, lo-fi, glitch and dance, with tracks ranging from the sparse, piano sounds of opening title track and "Candlelight," to the futuristic vibes of "Vibrance" and the high energy, heavily manipulated "Calamine" and "Ferrofluid."

Little Maps is available on November 25 through Rare Beef, but you can listen to the LP in its entirety right here, right now in the player below.