Wax Mannequin Recording Miracles, Tackling Europe

Wax Mannequin Recording Miracles, Tackling Europe
Hamilton's ever-active Wax Mannequin has been logging time at Andy Magoffin's House of Miracles studio in London, Ontario, recording the follow-up to last year's Orchard and Ire album. "Super excited" about the new record, Wax told Exclaim! today that he "wrote a pile of almost rootsy songs a while back, and went into the studio with Andy with the intent of documenting these. But now I'm coming up with all kinds of more aggressive material that I'd like to release soon too... so I might end up with something split between quiet and loud again. Or two records or something."

A double album of Wax Mannequin songs divided between aggressive and delicate would undoubtedly hold more pleasant surprises than the Foo Fighters' attempt with 2005's In Your Honor. Or maybe if this two records idea pans out, it'll be a Use Your Illusion style sequential release?

Enough speculation. There's plenty of confirmed Mannequin happenings to tide fans over until the specifics of his next record(s?) materialise.

Even though he's one of the hardest working musicians in the country, Mr. Mannequin still makes time to work on art projects with his mother in the dead of winter.

"I recently took a trip to Thunder Bay to set up a collaborative art show with my mum. I set up a few music shows along the way. We borrowed a van from Joey, (my booker), to fit all of the art - mom makes massive clay boxes with adornments, wires and things," Wax explains. "It was the weekend of that big snowstorm, so the Trans-Canada was solid, bumpy ice for 300 kilometres. I was going super slow, but I still managed to smash into the wooden poles on the far side of the road, narrowly missing a hill that led down to a frozen lake. I've spent the last four days finding a new bumper and hammering the corner of the van's frame back into shape. Joey will never know. Actually, I told him when it happened. But the story sounds funnier when I pretend I haven't."

Wax's continual tour schedule will reach into Eastern Canada for a run of shows with BA Johnston, with support from Thunder Bay's the Kettle Black for a few dates. Then in April, Europe will get their first taste of the Wax when he embarks on a tour with Vancouver duo Trike.

Ontario and East coast show dates can be found on Wax Mannequin's MySpace page.