Watch Now, Now Play Acoustic Versions of "SGL" and "Set It Free" on Exclaim! TV's No Future

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Mar 21, 2019

There's an immediacy in Now, Now's name that belies the time it takes the duo to release new material, leaving fans eagerly anticipating every new release. Last year's third LP, Saved, was six years removed from their previous opus, so we made sure to have them into our office when they were touring it to perform acoustically for Exclaim! TV's No Future YouTube channel.

Their emo-inflected indie pop is also at odds with the moniker, thanks to its slow-burn infectiousness. They opened with "SGL," a pre-album single that came with the news that fan-turned-member Jess Abbott was no longer working with KC Dalager and Brad Hale. The song proved they were just as well-off returning to their OG line-up, and stripping it down further for this session only cemented that. 

"Shotgun Lover" was followed by "Set It Off," a deeper cut from the 2018 album, and it finds Dalager taking over lead vocals where Hale helped her in the other tune. Both are more than adept at carrying a tune, vocally or on the guitar, and they prove that through the tunes by trading parts.

Check out the songs in the player below, and don't miss their upcoming Toronto date with Foxing, whose No Future session is coming soon.

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