Watch Tegan Quin Sing "Closer" at Karaoke with a Fan

Quin and the fan were joined by Blair Imani

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 4, 2024

Celebrities, they're just like us! And by us, we mean the Exclaim! staff, since we all take karaoke a little too seriously. One karaoke-goer also felt the supreme weight of getting all the words right, and in trying to correct some people singing "Closer" by Tegan and Sara, she unknowingly ended up on stage with Tegan Quin and author Blair Imani.

TikTok user @manicpixienightmare._ posted about her experience on Saturday (June 1), sharing a video captioned, "POV: You accidentally sing with a celebrity!" showing her singing karaoke with Quin and Imani. After being pressed to share how it happened, she revealed she had no idea who was on stage until after the fact.

She detailed going to karaoke and hearing some people botch the lyrics to "Closer," saying she "was getting really mad because I love that song and I was thinking, 'Oh my god, like you guys aren't doing any justice to the song.'" So, she jumped on stage to help them out, even thinking that Quin "looks like Tegan from Tegan and Sara" without a second thought.

After trying to exit the stage once it sounded like they got the hang of it, Quin motioned the fan to keep singing with them. "When we're done singing the song, she gives me a hug then Blair grabs the mic and she goes, 'Oh you know, I'm Blair Imani and this is Tegan from Tegan and Sara.'"

Watch the moment unfold and the subsequent story of how it happened below. 

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