Warped Tour Reveals 2012 Dates

Warped Tour Reveals 2012 Dates
Long-running "punk" music festival the Vans Warped Tour will naturally continue through 2012 with another energy-drink-and-beer-fuelled travelling festival. While no artists have been announced just yet, we can guarantee two things: most of the bands will be pretty terrible if you're over the age of 15, and all of the groups will be stopping at the cities listed below.

As you can see by the Warped Tour's newly announced schedule, the festival will be running from June 16 to August 5. Unfortunately, just like last year, the festival organizers have decided to ignore most of Canada, with the only national shows booked in Toronto and Montreal.

Last year, Warped fans had an amusing hissy fit over a lack of Canadian shows on our comments page, showcasing their dismay with thought-provoking statements like, "God fucking balls I swear that we canadians are getting raped from good music, first I had to fly to Edmonton because they sloshed Calgary and now I have to go to the States, as a person of no statue I find this very stupid and retarded and they are the same fucking thing."

 The list of Warped Tour performers are set to be announced in December. Check out the Warped schedule below, and be sure to comment on how "fucked" and "corporate" the whole thing is in our comments section.

Warped Tour 2012 tour dates:

6/16 Salt Lake City, UT
6/17 Denver, CO
6/20 Las Vegas, NV
6/21 Irvine, CA
6/22 Pomona, CA
6/23 San Francisco, CA
6/24 Ventura, CA
6/27 San Diego, CA
6/28 Phoenix, AZ
6/29 Las Cruces, NM
6/30 San Antonio, TX
7/1 Houston, TX
7/3 Dallas, TX
7/5 St. Louis, MO
7/6 Detroit, MI
7/7 Chicago, IL
7/8 Minneapolis, MN
7/9 Kansas City, KS
7/10 Indianapolis, IN
7/11 Cleveland, OH
7/12 Pittsburgh, PA
7/13 Toronto, ON
7/14 Montreal, QC
7/15 Hartford, CT
7/17 Buffalo, NY
7/18 Scranton, PA
7/19 Boston, MA
7/20 Philadelphia, PA
7/21 New York, NY
7/22 Oceanport, NJ
7/24 Washington, DC
7/25 Virginia Beach, VA
7/26 Atlanta, GA
7/27 Orlando, FL
7/28 Miami, FL
7/29 Tampa, FL
7/30 Charlotte, NC
7/31 Cincinnati, OH
8/1 Milwaukee, WI
8/4 Seattle, WA
8/5 Portland, OR