War on Music Headquarters Go Up in Flames in Winnipeg Blaze

War on Music Headquarters Go Up in Flames in Winnipeg Blaze
A building fire in downtown Winnipeg has claimed one of the city's oldest buildings, as well as the offices for local metal label War on Music. According to reports, the Albert Street business block went up in flames sometime after 9 a.m. local time this morning (April 19).

Affected by the fire are War on Music, Ken Hong Restaurant and a 135-year-old house that is apparently one of Winnipeg's oldest structures. No injuries were reported, but the buildings are reportedly gutted. So far authorities have said that the blaze does not appear to be suspicious.

The smell of smoke apparently took over the neighbourhood, with residents quickly taking notice of the acrid plumes of cloud developing in the area.

"I was just looking out my window and the whole side of the Royal Albert hotel was engulfed with flames," neighbourhood resident Jackie Doming told the Winnipeg Sun. "It was crazy how quick the fire spread."

While the block had been constructed in 1877, both War on Music and Ken Hong Restaurant were operating in storefronts built in the 1940s.

The label, which has issued a number of vinyl releases for bands including Propagandhi, Razor, Bison B.C. and more, has yet to comment on today's events.