Vivian Girls Ready Sophomore Record

Vivian Girls Ready Sophomore Record
Following the extreme hype and subsequent world domination of their twice-released debut record, Brooklyn echo rock threesome Vivian Girls have announced the details of their upcoming sophomore effort. Titled Everything Goes Wrong, the record will be out on September 8, thanks to the good people at In the Red.

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, the Girls opened up about the record. "Last time, the album was really rushed," said guitarist Cassie Ramone. "We were just go, go, go, go. And now we're taking our time with every step of the process, making sure we're really happy with everything before we move on." Kickball Katy added that their influences have changed as well, saying, "We have a few songs that kind of sound like the Gun Club. We have, like, a Neil Young-inspired song."

If you can't wait until the fall to hear the new Vivian Girls, and you just so happen to live in Toronto, you can check them out with Fox News favs Fucked Up at the Phoenix Theatre on July 16.

Everything Goes Wrong tracklisting:

1. "Walking Alone at Night
2. "I Have No Fun"
3. "Can't Get Over You"
4. "Desert"
5. "Tension"
6. "Survival"
7. "The End"
8. "When I'm Gone"
9. "Out for the Sun"
10. "I'm Not Asleep"
11. "Double Vision"
12. "You're My Guy"
13. "Before I Start to Cry"