Vinyl Pressing Plant Set to Open in Burlington

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 5, 2016

As the great vinyl (or "vinyls") boom continues, the music industry is slowly but surely catching up to manufacturing demands. A Toronto startup is working with Calgary's Canada Boy pressing plant to ramp up production, and now another plant is set to open in Canada.

Gerry McGhee, president of Isotope Music and former Brighton Rock frontman, is gearing up to open Precision Record Pressing Inc., a brand new, state-of-the-art vinyl pressing facility in Burlington, ON.

Speaking with FYI Music, McGhee explained that he teamed up with the Czech company GZ to make the new Burlington plant a reality. He added that the partnership, along with the plant's fancy equipment, means they can press records at an alarming rate.

"In phase one we can do 4.5 million units out of the Burlington plant plus 2 million from the Czech plant," he said. "We've already put phase two into motion and that is adding five new automated presses. That'll put us over the 11 million mark, making us the second largest plant in North America. We've already bought a plant in the US based in the Midwest and there'll be a west coast plant so we'll have three in North America."

McGhee added that the plant will be more than happy to fulfil 200-300 unit orders for independent labels, and that the turnaround time will eventually be as short as six to eight weeks. 

Precision is set to start pressing its first release in mid-August, with the plant set to officially open on September 16. "There'll be an announcement pretty soon about the first record we're pressing and what band it is," McGhee said. "There'll be a documentary done on it, plus a press conference from the plant."

Stay tuned for more information on Precision Record Pressing Inc. as it becomes available.


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