The Velvet Underground "One of These Days" (2014 mix)

The Velvet Underground 'One of These Days' (2014 mix)
With the Velvet Underground set to be celebrated with a deluxe reissue of their 1969 self-titled album, we've now got another track from the set: a new mix of "One of These Days."

Although this is being attached to the reissue of The Velvet Underground, this song doesn't actually appear on that album. Rather, it comes from the band's scrapped 1969 recordings, and was later released in 1985 as part of the collection VU.

This is still the same recording as that VU, so the differences are probably something that dedicated obsessives (rather than casual listeners) will appreciate. That being said, there is one rather significant tweak: this version runs a little longer than the one we've heard before, as the rowdy outro jam has a proper ending rather than a fadeout.

Hear it below [via Spin].

The 45th anniversary edition of the album comes out on November 24 via Polydor/UMe.

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