The Velvet Underground "I'm Not a Young Man Anymore"

The Velvet Underground 'I'm Not a Young Man Anymore'
As previously reported, the Velvet Underground's sophomore set White Light/White Heat is getting treated to a three-disc 45th anniversary edition including a previously bootleg-only live set captured in 1967. Ahead of the reissue's December 3 street date, you can stream that show's stunning Velvets rarity, "I'm Not a Young Man Anymore."

The song was captured at New York's Gymnasium venue on April 30th, 1967, and is reportedly the only live performance of the track, which is really a damn shame. The bluesy tune is full of slinky lead licks, a chugging rhythm and Lou Reed's familiar, dirtied-up warble. You can check out the fantastically trashy band jam in the player down below.

The White Light/White Heat anniversary edition arrives through Universal.