Various Missed Connection Records' 'Compilation No. 1'

Various Missed Connection Records' 'Compilation No. 1'
Missed Connection Records will be honouring their Ontario hometown with the first Guelph-centric vinyl release since 1986. The label is set to unveil the pressings of Compilation No. 1 on December 2, but you can stream the forthcoming collection of tunes right now at for the next week.

Side A brings the noise with a rock'n'roll-focused set of tunes from acts like Odd Years, Gregory Pepper and His Problems, Minotaurs, and Esther Grey, while the flip side offers up a more folky sound with contributions from Lowlands, Jordan Faye and Jess Bell Smith.

While the sounds might differ, each act is proudly representing the city of Guelph, and if you want to do the same, you can catch the record release show on December 4 at DSTRCT. A press release for the launch party explains that instead of performing their own songs, the artists will tackle tunes from Martin Scorcese's the Band documentary The Last Waltz.

The backing band will consist of Nate Lawr (Minotaurs, Bry Webb), Thomas Hammerton (Cuff The Duke, Odd Years), Ira Zingraff (Del Bel, Niagara Symphony), Michael Brooks (Gregory Pepper and His Problems) and Tyler Belluz (Legato Vipers), while Geordie Gordon (the Magic, Islands), Gregory Pepper and Jessy Bell Smith will be filling the vocal roles of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison.

Guelph's music scene might be small, but it's filled with heart — and you can hear what that sounds like by streaming Missed Connection Records' Compilation No. 1 below.