Vancouver's des hume Dances Through the Tears on "Push Away"

The synth-pop single features Biawanna
Vancouver's des hume Dances Through the Tears on 'Push Away'
Vancouver songwriter des hume is back with another slice of sad, danceable electro-pop. "Push Away" features Biawanna and is available to stream now.

A statement from des hume explains that the song came from the emotional turmoil surrounding turning 30 — a time when the songwriter was also coping with breakups, grief and mental health issues. The announcement describes this synth-pop duet as "the sound of two lonely queer people realizing love isn't always the answer. It's sad, but you can — and should — dance to it."

Sure enough, the track is doused in hazy melancholy, and yet the thudding synth-pop pulse is undeniably infectious. Throw in some sighing hooks and wobbly guitar leads, and it makes for a beautifully sad banger.

Listen to "Push Away" below. Stay tuned for des hume's debut album, bub, due out later this year.