Karen O Gets Interviewed by Ezra Koenig, Shares "Day Go By" Video

Karen O Gets Interviewed by Ezra Koenig, Shares 'Day Go By' Video
Ezra Koenig and Karen O have both fronted bands hailed as New York's coolest, so it only makes sense that GQ wanted to sit the two down together for some quality interview time.
In the charming back-and-forth Vampire Weekend leader Koenig grills the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman about everything from selfies and self-confidence to her Oscar nomination and Twitter activity.
"I'm all for celebrating your self-expression, and if you want to do that by selfies, then I'm all for it," Karen O told Koenig, before revealing that you're more likely to find her wasting time on Instagram than her recently activated Twitter.
The interview also sees them reminisce about Koenig breaking the news of her Oscar nomination to O; the two would go on to perform "Moon Song" from the film Her at last year's Academy Awards. "This is continuing that theme of not expecting anything and then being totally surprised," she said. "If you hadn't texted me, I may not've found out that day at all."
The pair also discuss D'Angelo and the idea of stepping away from music for an extended period of time. Inspired by John Lennon's step back from the spotlight and the creative renewal it brought him, O said, "That made me scratch my head like, 'Hmm, what would it be like to do that?'"
It doesn't seem like she'll be going away any time soon, though, since the Yeah Yeah Yeahs leading lady has just unveiled the new visuals for Crush Songs track "Day Go By." They feature a young couple enjoying a day in the sun. You can check out the full GQ interview over here, and watch the new clip for "Day Go By" in the player below.