Vampire Weekend "Walcott"

Vampire Weekend 'Walcott'
Junkies have dope, politicians have power and music nerds have that one hook they sing over and over in their head. Sure it seems feeble next to a rush of heroin floating through your veins, or getting press for kissing a baby, but when you find the right song with that unforgettable melody, whew, it’s a doozy. Vampire Weekend are an unsigned band that will or at least should be picked up by a label by the time you finish reading this sentence. From New York City, this four-piece burst from the seams with all sorts of tuneful goodies, incorporating a number of uncharacteristic elements and dynamic rhythms. As much as they remind you at times of a contemporary band like French Kicks, they can turn around and throw the Police’s worldly vibe at you, or the cool, flaunting buoyancy of the Teardrop Explodes. "Walcott” is not featured on the band’s current three-song EP (available exclusively through Other Music), but it’s easily the catchiest song they have in their repertoire. The key ingredient is the piano: it’s pounded mightily but affectionately, which results in producing that aforementioned orgasmic hook. But then on top of that there are sophisticated string arrangements, great tempo shifts and some yearning to get the hell outta Cape Cod that has me convinced it’s filled with vampires. If you’re smart, you’ll contact their manager ([email protected]) and sign them — even if you don’t have a record label. Bands like this are what starting labels is all about.
Vampire Weekend "Walcott”