Valiska 'Healer' (EP stream)

Valiska 'Healer' (EP stream)
Following last year's fantastic Repetitions LP, the prolific Calgary-based composer Krzysztof Sujata has revisited his Valiska project to deliver more music.

The artist's latest work is called Healer, and it's a five-song EP that saw him using voice and the Moog Sub 37 to write simple, meditative works.

Here's a statement from Sujata about the release:

I was finding that I would sometimes get into these trance-like states when playing live, where the music would just happen, almost playing itself. Even though I was improvising, the feeling of the music overtook everything else. You could just be in it and not really worry about where it was heading next. So I wanted to take these moments and somehow recreate that same experience in the studio. Basically I wanted to simplifying things in the studio and focus less on techniques, effects and processing. I wanted the focus to be on the source recordings.

Healer will arrive soon via Valiska's own Bow Bottom Records imprint. Until then, Exclaim! is happy to premiere the release in full. Give it a listen below.