The Vaccines 'Come of Age' on Sophomore Album

The Vaccines 'Come of Age' on Sophomore Album
The Vaccines' much-hyped debut album was released last year to massive expectations (in Britain in particular), which they largely lived up to. Now, the guitar-wielding British rock band are wasting no time in detailing the follow-up, which is called The Vaccines Come of Age and will be out on September 4 via Columbia Records.

The album was produced by big-name studio whiz Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams) at ICP Recording Studios in Brussels, Belgium, and Distiller in Bath, UK. Frontman Justin Young previously told NME, "The record is a lot more intimate and close than the first record."

Get a taste of what he's talking about by listening to the reflective garage folk single "No Hope" at the bottom of the page. Also see the tracklist below. We're guessing that "I Wish I Was a Girl" isn't a Counting Crows cover, but you never know.

The Vaccine will be touring the coming months with shows in Europe and the U.S., but none in Canada. See the schedule here.

The Vaccines Come of Age:

1.  No Hope

2.  I Always Knew

3.  Teenage Icon

4.  All in Vain

5.  Ghost Town

6.  Aftershave Ocean

7.  Weirdo

8.  Bad Mod

9.  Change of Heart pt. 2

10. I Wish I Was a Girl

11. Lonely World