Unreleased Album from Pre-Dum Dum Girls Project Unearthed

Unreleased Album from Pre-Dum Dum Girls Project Unearthed
For many fans, songwriter Dee Dee seemed to come out of nowhere when her Dum Dum Girls project started getting hyped in the blogosphere in 2008/2009. She wasn't a total newcomer to the music world however, as she previously played drums and sang in promising San Diego, CA outfit Grand Ole Party (with whom she performed under her real name, Kristin Gundred). Now, the group's unreleased second album is set to come out on August 30 via DH Records.

The album is called Under Our Skin, and it was produced by indie mega-producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Deerhunter). It was recorded in 2009, the same year the trio subsequently broke up. The record marks the follow-up to the group's debut LP, Humanimals.

The tracklist is below. Scroll past that to download a free MP3 of grooving, expansive opening track "All Night," in exchange for an email address. Wondering what Dee Dee's voice sounds like when it's not shrouded in fuzz and reverb? Here's your answer.

Under Our Skin:

1. "All Night"
2. "New Medication"
3. "Fire in My Head"
4. "Charlie Girl"
5. "Dreamaway"
6. "Valley of the Dead Ends"
7. "You Can't See Me"
8. "Fever"
9. "Cat Fight"
10. "Your World"
11. "Kiss of Death"
12. "Under Our Skin"