UNKLE Writes X-Files Theme

UNKLE Writes <i>X-Files</i> Theme
In the footsteps of Dust Brothers, Spiritualized and P.M. Dawn, electro rock outfit UNKLE have been handpicked by X-Files creator Chris Carter to do their own reinterpretation of the TV show's classic theme song, as well as lend an original to the upcoming search for truth on the big screen.

"There was something I was looking for at the end credit of the movie, and it needed to be a really specific beat," Carter recently told Billboard. "I had gone to see the Police over the summer. They opened the show with 'Reggatta De Blanc,' which is one of my favourite Police songs. I love that song, and it was in my head as I was writing the movie. Then [20th Century Fox music supervisor] Danielle Diego gave me this UNKLE piece, and I realized that was really what I was looking for. Immediately I called her and I said, 'I think I've got my end-credit piece.'"

The UNKLE song Carter is referring to is "Broken" from the group's 2007 effort War Stories, whose lyrics and beat fit the flick to a tee, according to Carter. "It's funny, because the lyrics ended up working unexpectedly," Carter said. "It's really the beat that's the perfect fit for the end of the film."

According to Billboard, UNKLE's main man James Lavelle was more than happy to contribute to the project, saying he was a huge fan of the TV series and had "seen every episode."

Along with the film collaboration, Carter and Lavelle also gave word they plan to work together on a future musical project. Apparently, Carter is a self-proclaimed "student drummer" and has recently began trying his hand behind to decks. "[Lavelle's] sense of tempo and beat and the blending of it will be a beautiful match for some ideas that I have," Carter says.

The new X-Files soundtrack is due out July 22 via Decca, just days before the film The X-Files: I Want to Believe hits theatres on July 25.

UNKLE "Broken" (Live)