UK Looking To Ban Illegal Downloaders From Web Access

UK Looking To Ban Illegal Downloaders From Web Access
For citizens of the British Isles who enjoy the rush of illegally downloading movies and music, something even scarier than a six-figure fine is on its way to get you - no internet access. A new plan drawn up by the UK government will employ a "three strike” rule enforced by internet service providers.

This new proposal will force ISPs to take action against parties that use the internet to obtain pirated material. If a user partakes in this illegal activity they will receive strike one: an email that gives fair warning regarding their misuse. After that comes strike two: the ISP will have the user’s internet suspended. Failure to learn a lesson from the suspension will result in strike three: the user’s web access will be cut off and he/she will face a possible UK ban from owning an internet connection.

This document — set to be published next week — also indicates possible prosecution for any ISPs that do not follow these rules. According to the Times, the consultation documentation reportedly says: "We will move to legislate to require internet service providers to take action on illegal file-sharing."

Approximately six million people a year download files illegally in the UK, costing music and film companies millions of dollars as a result.

Knowing not to download is half the battle...