Ty Segall Serves Up 'Fried Shallots' EP

All proceeds from EP sales go to the American Civil Liberties Union
Ty Segall Serves Up 'Fried Shallots' EP
Having already released a self-titled LP earlier this year, Ty Segall has now whipped up a new six-track EP for the summer.

Titled Fried Shallots, the EP arrives digitally today (July 28), while a physical edition has been teed up for an August 25 release. The release is described as "a handful of numbers from different times and places over the past few years that all work together in a weird way."

Segall also notes that all profits from the release will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), helping to defend civil rights "in the face of the government pigs who don't care about the constitution and are determined to thin our herd so that they and their corporate sugar-daddies can grow ever fatter off the deprivations of the common man-clan."

Find a tracklisting for Fried Shallots below, with physical editions available here, and digital editions available here.

Fried Shallots:

1. Big Man
2. Dust
3. When the Gulls Turn to Ravens
4. Is It Real
5. Another Hustle
6. Talkin'