Twin River "Bend to Break"

Twin River 'Bend to Break'
A previously reported, Twin River are diving into less folkified waters on debut LP Should the Light Go Out. Before the record arrives February 17 through Light Organ Records, you can sample the band's new noisy direction with a stream of the album's "Bend to Break."

Dustbowl guitar jangling and lightly touched tambos have been tossed aside, with "Bend to Break" instead delivering the chaotic yet cathartic full-bodied thump of drummer Dustin John Bromley and Tapout-fuelled punk chords. Courtney Ewan Bromley counters the manic pace with her echo-chamber melodies, though they're paced more manically than we first heard on the group's Rough Gold EP.

"This might sound pretty cheesy, but I think it was a case of growing up and not wanting to write sad music," Ewan Bromley had previously said of the band's busier material. "I don't really listen to a lot of slow, sad stuff anymore. It's more fun to play in a synth-y rock band, and more fun to listen to."

Listen to "Bend to Break" below.