Trust "Capitol"

Trust 'Capitol'
There's still about a month to go before Trust issues their sophomore set Joyland, but the electronic act have served up another single ahead of time to keep us content till that March 4 due date through Arts & Crafts. Up next is the synth-soaked posi-jam "Capitol."

The project's Roberto Alfons recently told Exclaim! that the new LP's "vocals have a bit more presence than previously," and here they sit low, moody and murky in the verse before exploding into an anthemic, if reedy, cry during the high-gloss chorus. The mid-point takes the song into an atmospheric, ambient passage of rippling synths and sci-fi sounds, but Trust brings back the bounce for the finale.

You can hear the new tune now below.

Trust also have a hefty spring tour schedule coming up, which includes Canadian stops in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. You can see all the concert info over here.

Read our recent interview with Alfons here.