Trinidad Jame$ "Late Night$" (ft. Jonny Cinco)

Trinidad Jame$ 'Late Night$' (ft. Jonny Cinco)
Trinidad Jame$'s post-Def Jam days have been a veritable gold rush for fans, with the Atlanta rapper dropping a number of freebie singles over the last few weeks. This time, the guy gets in touch with his soft side, sort of, with a love jam called "Late Night$."

Jonny Cinco is onboard to deliver AutoTuned lines about riding Bugattis and spending stacks on his girl. Jame$ tries to play it sweet, but opts out if the emotional ooey-gooeyness of it all on his verse ("love is overrated"). Maybe, though, that's just to keep himself guarded in case the relationship goes deep south ("she shot me in the heart").

You can check out the track down below, while a new freebie release is apparently on the way September 23.