Toronto's Peeling Shares "Ego Death" from New 'Worshipper' Album

The record arrives on November 27 through Labyrinth Records

BY Allie GregoryPublished Oct 29, 2020

Three years out from delivering the sophomore EP, 7 Years of Blood, Toronto's Peeling is returning with plans for a new record titled Worshipper. A part of that release comes today in the form of a new video for the record's latest single "Ego Death."

In the time since Peeling's latest release, the project has transformed into a solo effort, lead by frontwoman Anna Timoshenko. The new record — drumming contributions from Preoccupations' Michael Wallace aside — was produced and performed in full by Timoshenko.

The record's newest single "Ego Death" offers a lesson to "not take oneself too seriously."

"There are way more crucial things to care about in the world than what people think of you," Timoshenko explained in a statement. "It's a reminder not to let your pride or the fear of ridicule get in the way."

Worshipper will arrive on November 27 through Peeling's new label home, Labyrinth Records. The record will be pressed on limited-edition "translucent milk glass" vinyl. Two hundred copies of that pressing are being sold through Peeling's Bandcamp

Previously, the multi-member band — consisting of Dilly Dally's Jimmy Tony and Odonis Odonis' Denholm Whale, Alejandro Cairncross and Timoshenko — released their debut EP Rats in Paradise, as well as 7 Years through Buzz Records

Hear "Ego Death" below.

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