Toronto's Active Surplus Ready New Self-Titled EP

Preview the four-track release now
Toronto's Active Surplus Ready New Self-Titled EP
Active Surplus — the Toronto duo of Emissive and Ian Syrett — have announced a new EP. The pair will release a self-titled, four-track effort on May 22 through Vancouver label Pacific Rhythm.

The forthcoming EP is said to be a "love letter to the house music sound that first sprouted from the West Coast," with the duo crediting their confident grooves and lush melodies to an obsession with water.

"We might not live by the ocean," the duo offer. "But we're all H20 on the inside."

A preview of all four tracks can be heard in the player below.

Last year, Active Surplus's "Peppermint" appeared alongside tracks from Khotin, Wolfey and Chapters on label comp Rhythms of the Pacific Vol. 4.

Active Surplus:

A1. Yaye
A2. Ambrosia
B1. One Beyond
B2. Meera